Mountain Top Log Home Care & Restoration

Mountain Top Log Home Care & Restoration is a leading provider of log home finishing, maintenance, restoration, and repair services based in Knoxville, TN.  We are log home professionals trained specifically to work on a  variety of log home, log siding, and cedar siding problems and needs.

Our Services - New Home Finishing


Mountain Top Log Home Care is the company to trust in getting your new log home stained, caulked, or chinked right the first time.  Some people try to save money up front by going with a local painter or cheap contractor to do the work of a professional.  Often times, this ends in disaster.  Because of this, we frequently receive calls from new log home owners, needing us to do complete restoration work, re-stain, or re-chinking of their new home. 


Important Log Home Tips: 

  • The BIGGEST MISTAKE people make on their new log homes is using cheap labor to apply cheap products
  • The 2ND BIGGEST MISTAKE is not prepping the logs properly prior to staining, caulking, or chinking.   
  • The 3RD BIGGEST MISTAKE is not doing yearly inspections and maintenance to protect their log home.  

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